The Art of Working At Home

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At Work

The Art of Working From Home

Today I want to continue in my series about working at home as an Affiliate Marketer.  In my last post I said I was an affiliate marketer with Wealthy Affiliate.  To work at home you need techniques to be successful.   We will discuss the following techniques that lead to productivity:

·         Organization

·         Planning

·         Discipline

·         Dealing with silence.

·         What it takes to be successful.

In my last post I discussed my day as a Wealthy Affiliate marketer talking about the freedom I have in running my day.

·         No Boss telling me What to do

·         No Company requiring my time and efforts for a salary

·         Spending the amount of time I wanted on my affiliate marketing business.

It is great, but it didn’t just happen overnight.  So let’s get started:.


If you want to be productive working at home you first have to organize yourself.  Just sitting down somewhere and starting to work ain’t going to cut it.

Work SpaceThe first thing you are going to need to do is set up a dedicated work space.  You want a place that is permanent and private.  It does not have to be fancy; a card table in the bedroom would do.

Quiet-Your work-space needs to be quiet. You need to concentrate on the lessons or working on you website without interruption.

Lack of Interruptions-Your family needs to realize that you are working. They should not disturb you.  When interrupted you loose your train of thought which slows down productivity.  If you have kids they may need your attention.  You must work out a plan for your  kids to leave you alone

If it is not possible for you  be  alone to work, find a place or time when your family is busy or out of the house to work.   Maybe you wait until the kids go to bed.  If you have a one go to the basement, sewing room or workshop.

Once your workspace is set up  you are ready with step 2


In my article on “How to Make Additional Income from Home” I discuss making a plan for your business.  In this article I am talking about a different form of planning.  The first planning session was Strategic Planning and this is more tactical planning.  How you’re going to get the job done.

Making a weekly and a daily plan is critical for you to achieve the productivity to reach the success you want.

1.      On Sunday I would recommend spending a quiet hour.

  • Look at what you accomplished the week before.
  • Determine what went well and what you could in prove on.
  • Also I would think about what tasks you want to complete in the week ahead. Then you can create your weekly plan
  • This should be a relaxed contemplative time.

2.      Every day at the time you choose you should spend 15 minutes planning the day.  This could include your work day, your family obligations and Wealthy Affiliate.  Work out when and how you are going to complete the tasks for WA.

3.      Stick to your plan.


Ugh the dreaded D word.   Everyone looks at this as doing things when you don’t want to.

Think of this:

You arrive at work, and just got a cup of coffee. Your are sitting down to organize your day when Murray’s Law kicks into high gear.  One of your co-workers called in sick which means you have to cover for him.  An order that scheduled to leave the day after tomorrow won’t ship due to a line freeze.  One of the components did pass quality control.

Your boss is pressuring you for information which he needs for a meeting with management.

After dealing with these issues you get in your car to head home.  YOU ARE WHIPPED: YOUR BRAIN IS FRIED: YOU ARE BURNED OUT FOR THE DAY.

Five miles down the freeway the traffic becomes a parking lot.  Cars are inching along and you can’t see why.   Finally you pass a fender bender that allows traffic to start moving.  An hour late you arrive at home.

Your hungry kids are driving your wife crazy and dinner looks more like a 2 alarm fire then food.  She isn’t happy because your late.  After dinner you help the kids with their homework and then you put them to bed.

Whew things have settled down. It’s quiet and it is time for you to start on the tasks you scheduled for Wealthy Affiliate.  Your mind is mush, fatigue had set in. YOU DONE WANT TO DO WA.   You want to sit down and vegetate.  Excuses come to mind to forget about Wealthy Affiliate.  Your tired:  You can’t concentrate: You can make up the work  tomorrow.  What do you do?

If you believe in hard work, perseverance and dedication you do Wealthy Affiliate.  This is what it takes to build a successful online business.  Procrastination is the trigger of defeat.

There is a reason some people are rich and other people are not.  Rich people worked harder and did the things other people wouldn’t. They would work 80 hours a week.  Work Seven days a week.  Spend holidays building their business.  All this until the business was built.

Other people don’t do these things.  They don’t work 80 hours a week, they don’t work on weekends and they don’t work on holidays.

That in a nut shell is why some people are rich and some people aren’t. They aren’t lucky; they aren’t fortunate; they worked harder

Dealing with Silence

Some of you may be able to find time to work at home when you are alone.  You are lucky.  No one to bother you; no interruptions.   You get started and in an instant  you notice how silent it is.   It’s spooky and distracts you.

You need to find a method of dealing with the silence.

  • Turn on music to give you some noise.  It is preferable that the music is an instrumental so the lyrics don’t distract you
  • Listen to talk radio.  Be careful though as it can be distracting.

If neither of those two solutions work, think of something else.

In another life I had a job where I worked at home for nine years.   The silence was  distracting so I listened to talk radio.  At the time it wasn’t so polarizing, and it helped me deal with the lack of background noise.  In last couple of years  the lack of noise was no longer a problem and I had no radio on.  I would start work at 7 or 8 and have my work done by noon or 1:00.  At the time I was handling twice the number of projects I had when I started.  Right now I am writing this with no sound making devices playing.

What it takes to be successful

When our special forces have candidate come in for selection, they make it as difficult as they can.  For the uninitiated it may seem harsh.   In a TV show one of the instructors said, “We do the toughest missions in the military.  We don’t want someone to give up in the middle of a mission because it gets tough.  They  are testing the candidates trying to break them. They make sure they get the toughest people who won’t give up.

While the wealthy affiliate member is not going into dangerous combat, you do have a mission.  Your mission is to build a successful online business.  You need to have the special ops mentality that you are not going to give up.  You are going to complete the mission.  As Carson and Kyle say:

Hard work, Perseverance, Dedication

If you follow these you will succeed.

In Conclusion

Working at home is more Art form than science.  There are many things to be considered and to keep it simple I have mentioned only a few.  The point is that working at home takes thought and organization to succeed.

If you would like leave me a comment below.

Dick H

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2 Responses to The Art of Working At Home

  1. Alex Dias says:

    Hi Dick,

    Thank you for such a nice post.
    This is all we need to work from home. And you didn’t forgot anything. We do need organization, planning and discipline. And yes, sometimes we have to deal with silence. I think I have a good relationship with silence. When I need to focus I like silence and I deal pretty well with it!
    Finally we need to work hard and dedication and never give up to be successful!
    Great post!

    • Dick says:

      When I first worked at home alone the silence was tough. At first I had the radio on then I learned to have not sound. It was surprising how much I got done when my office was quiet. Thanks for the kind words

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