Done With Treatment and Into Follow Up

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Further On My Treatment

On April 26th I had a another of my favorite tests a pet scan.  I had gone through all six treatments, and had been in remission since my  fourth treatment.  If the pet scan was good I would go into the followup stage.

I suppose your wondering why I dislike pet scans so much.  The technician injects a solution in your arm. Then  you  go in a room for an hour so the solution can circulate through out your body. What a boring hour with nothing to do but watch the clock.   When the hour is up they put you in a machine that looks like a CT scanner, but isn’t.  They have you put your arms above you head which in my case was uncomfortable.  When I put my arms above my head and due to my sore shoulders it hurts. Toward  the end of the scan it took all my will power to not move.

In the last pet scan the technician couldn’t find a vein to inject the solution.  I got stuck twice in the elbow and once in the wrist where he got a vein.  I have had a big ugly purple bruise now for almost two weeks.  I was unhappy to have him dig around in my arm, but I had no choice.   It was necessary to see if I was still in remission.

After the scan I  was scheduled for an appointment on May 3 with the oncologist to get the result of my test  . Thus it was time to  control my thoughts so  I wouldn’t worry too much.  There were three alternatives result from the pet scan:

  1. The pet scan was clear and I was in remission.  That would be a happy result and the one I wanted.
  2. They could find some cancer cells and I would have to go back for Chemo.  This didn’t bother me because I figured we would get all  those pesky cancer cells.
  3. There was a rare situation I could get another form of cancer.  I know someone who is in that situation and he  is terminal.

During the one  week wait I used all my will power to think positive thoughts.   When I had a negative thought I would replace it with a positive thought.  One night I was laying awake and the middle of the night it was the hard to be positive.  I worked at my positive thinking as hard as I ever had, and finally drifted off to sleep.

Finally May 3 arrived and my wife and I went to the doctor.  There was  a little trepidation on my part.   First they took blood which give them blood count, BUN and Creatinine.  We waited to see the doctor until the blood count results available.  The doctor came in and said the Pet Scan was clear and I was still in remission.

The Followup  Stage

Since I was in remission and all the treatments were done I was now in the follow up stage.  This will involve periodic doctor’s visits.  Getting my port cleaned every six weeks which involve putting saline into the port to make sure it is clean.  Yes I get stuck again.  Finally I will have CT Scans on a regular basis to make sure the cancer doesn’t come back (At Least its not a Pet Scan).   At the end of 2017 they will look into removing my port.  To be frank this stage is not going to be too bad.  The interval between tests and doctors visits is good, and I don’t mind getting my port cleaned

Now that I am in the follow up stage I can do what I want with out some cancer related appointment.  It is a real relief to be in remission.

What I learned from this

After 25 years of being an underwriter, and 16 years being a project manager I was alert bad things occurring.  In the case of my illness I couldn’t dwell on something going wrong, but  I need  to think positive thoughts.  This wasn’t easy for a negative thinker like me.  It was important to work hard at thinking positive thoughts.

This type of thinking will transfer to Wealthy Affiliate.  In Wealthy Affiliate we have good days and bad days.  It is important to  accept the good days and forget about the bad days.  In other words positive thinking.   By doing this you can preserver u

Happy Man

ntil you are successful.

All I can say is that I am happy to be well.

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