How to Make Additional Income From Home

Getting Started

Getting Started

If you want to make additional income from home you need to build a business. To build that business I am going to give you the process to follow.

Step 1 Why?



If you are going to start an online business or any business you need to ask yourself why you want your own business.  What are the reasons you want to do this.

  • To have the freedom to manage your own life on a daily basis?
  • To receive additional income to help pay bills or have more discretionary income.
  • You have a product that you have a passion to produce.
  • You want to reduce the stress from your job.
  • Any other reason you might have.

Look deeply into yourself

During this “why” phase you really need to look deeply into yourself to identify your true motivation for starting your own business. This will:

  • Help you to create your business
  • It will solidify your mindset to start a successful business

Create a Plan

Creating a plan is very important because it gives you direction  and organizes your creation. It is:

  • The whatman-1191845_1280
  • The How
  • The when

The What What is your business going to be.

  • A brick and mortar store
  • Selling a product you make
  • Developing an online business
  • Finding a program and work that.
  • Affiliate Marketing

How The how is what steps your are going to take to create your business.  

  • How you are going to market you product.
  • How are you going to be paid
  • How are you going to finance it.
  • How are you going to implement it.
  • And any other of a million details

When This not only encompasses the date you are going to start your business but other time related factors:

  • When are you going to work to  create your business based on
    • The demands of your Job
    • The responsibilities of your family
    • The responsibilities to other people such as elderly parents, church,  friends and others
  • The environment
    • The condition of the economy. Is it robust, is it shrinking or somewhere in between
    • What is the market for your product.  Do people want what you are selling, are the people ready for what your selling or is the product ready for selling.
    • As a case in point, many people feel that the electric car is a way to reduce the pollution from cars powered by fossil fuel.   At this time the technology doesn’t produce sufficient range to make this a viable transportation choice.  Also the battery life is limited, and when they fail it will be expensive to replace, and the old batteries are pollutants.  Is your product like this, so new that it too far ahead of its time?

affiliated Marketing.

What is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate Marketing is a business where you promote a product through a website you create with a link to a product.  When someone accesses your website, clicks the link,  and purchases the product you as the website owner get a commission.  

Why choose affiliate Marketing?

  1. Limited Risk
  2. Limited Cost
  3. No inventory to keep
  4. The ability to work at home when you want.
  5. Be your own boss


What Do You Need to Become an Affiliate Marketer?

  1. The first thing you are going to need is a product to market
  2. You will then have to create a website to promote it.
  3. You will need a domain and someone to host it.

This Requires a Skill Set

Unless you are a computer wiz or do Web development in your current job you are going to need help to create your website which includes

  • Training
  • Support
  • Tools 

To get This You Will Need An Organization to Provide This Information

After a long search and  some trial and error I found Wealth Affiliate. It includes:

  • the training,
  • support,
  •  tools
  • to create an online affiliate marketing business.  

If you would like to make additional income at home to get  more in depth look at Wealthy Affiliate please read my review “Wealthy Affiliate for a Newbie” found in the Posts section of this website.  Once you done this you can start your own online business.

Where Dreams are created

Where Dreams are created

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7 Responses to How to Make Additional Income From Home

  1. Brian says:

    Excellent article on how to make additional income at home. You really hit the nail on the head on the importance of having a plan. I struggled at the beginning because I didn’t have a true plan, but once I started getting things in order and how I wanted my online business to succeed, things started getting better. Great stuff!

    • admin says:

      I am glad to hear it. Not having a plan can be deadly to your business. Its like going on a trip and not having a road map. ( I still like paper road maps)

      To me another important thing is to have a serious look at yourself to determine do you really have the passion to do the hard work necessary to succeed in. Do you have the perseverance and dedication to continue until its done.

      Navy Seals and Green Berets aren’t looking for the biggest, meanest toughest soldier there looking for the guy who is so committed he stick to the end. They don’t want someone who in the middle of a mission say, ” I’m done I want to go home.” Even though you didn’t have a plan you are committed. That leads to success. Well done. Now you know to make a plan next time.:)

  2. Neil says:

    Thank You for the steps for building an online business and generating an income from it. 🙂

    It’s certainly important to find our “why” and creating a plan before we begin, otherwise it’s like driving a car blindfolded, lol.

    Without a clear direction, we will find it tough to earn money online. And I think this is where some business owners fail. They jump in before planning!

    Affiliate Marketing sounds like the perfect business model for me, and I’m definitely checking out Wealthy Affiliate too.


    • Dick says:

      You are welcome. Sorry to be slow to respond, but I have been out of town. Affiliate Marketing is certainly a good way to make money from home and Wealthy Affiliate is the best. The lessons are extensive and the community is a great help. Trying out the starter membership and see what you think.

  3. Andrew says:

    Nice article on how one can create and start an online business. It all starts with finding something you can sell. It can be a product or service. Find a skill which you can sell. Start from there. You can do whatever you want; freelance, creating your product or giving tutorials. Eventually, you’ll grow your business and scale it. That’s how online businesses start.

  4. RichPersonality says:

    I think it’s really important to ask yourself the question “Why do I want to start an online business?”. If you make your goal very big, then you will find it easier to beat all the obstacles that you will come around. If your goal is smaller than your obstacles, then you are bound to fail, because you can’t see your goal anymore!

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