Commission Cartel

Name: Commission Cartel


Owner Michael Cheney

Ranking 50 out of 100

Price: $16.95 plus add ons

All over the internet we see advertisements for making money with little or no effort.   Most of these are scams whiich will not produce any income.  They’re  on the internet to take your money.  This is why I am doing a review on the Commission Cartel.

What Commission Cartel is About

The Commission Cartel is another example of a money making system which was set up by Michael Cheney.  According to Cheney newbies make five mistakes which cause them to fail.

  • Don’t know how to use tactics.
  • Don’t put the tactics in place
  • Don’t work hard and realize they they have to  spend a lot of money to become a super marketer.

Mr Cheney says that you only need to follow three rules

  • The marketer needs to be patient.
  • Persistence the is key for the marketer to be successful
  • There are expenses ( of course) to make money.  You need to learn techniques and to use them.

Who is Michael Cheney

  • His claim is that he is in business to help people to make money.
  • He has developed a system to create commission allowing people to earn great money.
  • The name of the system is the Commission Cartel.

Plan Description

The website  claims that if you use the secrets he has discovered you can make money.   Cheney claims he went  to a secret meeting  of high level internet  marketers. During this meeting the internet marketers  gave him all the secrets to market on the internet.  In fact he says you can make $500 in the first month using his plan.

How is works.

  1. Choose a product you want to market.
  2. Create a list of prospective buyers.
  3. Put them in a sales funnel to make purchases.

Pro’s per Michael Cheny

  1. You can make money even if you have no experience.  Thus it is great for newbies.
  2. You don’t need a website.
  3. You create a list and get you commissions from that.


  1. You need to choose a product. How do you do that?  If you are a newbie do you have the background to choose a product to market?  Deciding on a product takes knowledge and experience.  What training does Commission Cartel provide?  Does the program provide the in depth knowledge you need?
  2. Next you need a list of prospective buyers.  Where do you develop such a list. Are  you going to  use your friends, work associates, and acquaintances?  How  do the people on the list learn of the product?  Sales calls?  How are these people going to feel when they receive a sales call?
  3. Once you have a list you put them in a sales funnel.  The purpose of a sales funnel is  to put prospects in the top and move them down to the bottom to get a sale.  Generally companies have procedures for the sales funnel to operate.   Will a newbie know how to do that?  Does Commission Cartel teach a newbie how to develop a sales funnel?
  4. Add on’s-Yes Commission Cartel has add on’s.-

The basic price is $16.95.  It is includes classes, videos, audios, blueprints, and an insider library.  You should remember that there is no free trial.  If you find it is not for you just have to suck it up.

  1. God Father Package  Cost $27.00 This add on provides Commission Creating Campaigns.   It includes Promotional Materials. Discount Coupons and Special VIP access.
  2. Secret Weapon Package Cost $47.00 and includes money making promo templates.  Also it includes instructions to turn emails in to money making programs.


  1. There have been a great many complaints.
  2. No refunds
  3. No website or email lists
  4. How do you build a list.
  5. No existent secret weapon
  6. If you have issues who do you call.  It says you email the site creator, but you get slow responses.

Further Concerns

Making $500 in a month for $16.95.  That someone would share how to do it doesn’t make sense.  They would keep the secrets for themselves.

Is Commission Cartel Legitimate?

  1. If the innovative directions were more specific it may be worthwhile.  This is especially with the low cost.
  2. There seems to be more questions than answers
  3. Slow responses to questions

I would not recommend it.

My recommendation would be to try Wealthy Affiliate which is a proven system to teach you how to make money as an affiliate marketer.   It has plenty of training to teach you to choose a product and  build a website to market your product.   Also there is a large community available to help you get started and make money.   With Wealthy Affiliate you aren’t alone, but have all the help you need to be a success.

One of the advantages of Wealthy Affiliate you can try it out for free before you  have to join.   What could be better.   If you want to be an affiliate marketer then my recommendation would be to try Wealthy Affiliate.

Name: Commission Cartel


Owner: Michael Cheney

Ranking: 50 of 100

A final word.  Commission Cartel certainly has an interesting approach to make  money.  If all the training were as good as  he says it is I would think this was pretty good. Unfortunately the training doesn’t provide depth.   A newbie (which he said this was for) is going to end up with a lot of questions and not much money.  The help desk is slow to respond and there are a lot of complaints.


Overall I would say the legitimacy of this site is questionable.

  1. There are a lot of cons that are not addressed by the owners.
  2. Limited training.
  3. There is no community to offer support.
  4. To get the complete package you have to buy several add on’s


Dick H






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2 Responses to Commission Cartel

  1. Alex says:

    Hi Dick,

    Great review!

    I didn’t know this program to make online money but it’s good to be aware of this type of scam programs that just want our money.
    You pay $ 16 and turn it into $ 500 in the first month?? It sounds too good to be true. There is a huge probability of being cheated!


    • Dick says:

      Thank you for the kind comments. There are many “programs” on the internet that say they can help you make lots of money. A lot of them are there to take your money. When I find a site I plan to review it to see how viable it is and whether it is worth pursuing.

      My preference is the Wealthy Affiliate program because it is very comprehensive and actually works. It provides a broad range of educational material to help set up your business, tools to build your website, and a large community that can help you learn the process. It is certainly worth joining.

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