A Review of the Wealthy Affiliate Community

Earlier I wrote a review of Wealthy Affiliate which has a 95 rating.  Today I thought I would review one of the strongest parts of Wealthy Affiliate: the WA Community.

Product Name: Wealthy Affiliate

Owners: Kyle and Carson

Website Wealthy Affiliate.com

What is the Wealthy Affiliate Community?  Thea large group that includes members of the Wealthy Affiliate Family.   We follow members, help those that have an issue, and write training and blog posts.

This is special

In my research I have never found a site that has the community like WA.  There may be some out there, but I haven’t found one.   This is unique, and provides help to new member and old who need help.

If you are working from home for the first time you can feel isolated from the world.   Its like  you are on an island alone and  you have to find water, food and shelter by your self. This can be overwhelming. With the Wealthy Affiliate Community.  You can reach out for help or make new friends which help relieve  the isolation feeling.


  1. Helps to conquer the feeling of isolation.
  2. It helps you get through the training and develop a productive website.
  3. You can ask for reviews of your website to get new ideas and refine  your site.
  4. The community provides positive reinforcment to give  you more confidence.  With more confidence you can be more successful.


There aren’t to many cons with the community.

  1. The only way you can communicate is by email. The response can take time and slow you down.
  2. Typing an email can be hard for someone with elephant fingers like me.
  3. On occasion people might not respond to you.


As I said earlier and in my review I rate Wealthy Affiliate a 95 out of 100 and I am confident that it is legitimate.

Product Name: Wealthy Affiliate

Owners:  Kyle and Carson

Website: Wealthy Affiliate.com

Price:  Free for a starter membership $47 a month for a premium member ship.

Ranking:  95 out of 100

Best Regard

Dick H

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