A Review of the Millionaire Blue Print

Product Name:  Millionaire Blue Print

Owner: Unknown. Never Given in the Webpage

Website URL: millionaire blue print.com

Price The software is free plus $250 for investing

Ranking 10 out of a Hundred



What is Millionaire Blueprint

Millionaire Blueprint is a software app that examines market factors for binary options.  The purpose of the software is to give the client information, so they will make money.

What is a Binary Option

At this point your  are asking what is a Binary Option or (BOT).  It is a little heard of investment which compares two assets. The investor decides how these to assets will react to each other. Based on what the investor thinks he will set up his (BOT) in  accordance with his opinion.

Let me give  you an example.

The investor has information that the wheat market is strong and corn is weak to corn.  He invests in a BOT that Wheat will be $100 a bushel more than corn within a set time frame.   If that happens the investor wins on his investment.   Should wheat only go up $99 the investor looses his entire investment in that BOT.

How does Millionaire Blueprint Work

Millionaire Blueprint has developed a software program for BOTs.   With this program the claim you can make profitable BOT Investments. If you sign up for the free software, configure it and deposit the $250.  you are set to start investing.  Base on how you configure it the software it will invest in the types of BOT’s you have chosen.  If the BOT is successful you get the money in your brokerage account.  After  several successful transactions you can withdraw  your money.

Getting Started

It is necessary to load the software.  To do this you go to a site and down load the application.  Once down loaded it you need  to configure the software to tell it what type of investments you want to make.  Further you have to choose a broker that Millionaire Blueprint has chosen and deposit  the seed  money.

Now you are ready for to begin trading.  The software analyzes opportunities and executes the trades.  It will continue to make trades as long as you have money in your account or your credit card.


  • The software is free. The initial investment of $250 is for investing.
  • The proceeds from successful transactions goes into your brokerage account.
  • You receive training videos and an ebook.
  • The company provides 24/7 technical support.
  • You don’t need expertise in BOTS per the website


  • You have to invest $250 to start.
  • The  software makes automatic Trades.  They happen without your input once your configure the software.
  • You can only use brokers recommended by Millionaire Blueprint.
  • Browser Pop ups occur
  • Fake Testimonials by paid actors
  • Profit predictions are impossible.
  • No  evidence of authenticity or authority
  • The advertisements say that the software provides 100% results.
  • Claims of making larges sums of money in little time.

A Cautionary  word

There are many investment vehicles in the financial market today which are quite sophisticated. BOT’s are one of these.  If you are going to invest in these you need experience in this type of investment.  There are a large number of factors involved to be successful.

In my humble opinion the Millionaire Blueprint is close to gambling. You either win or loose you entire investment.

May be I am too old but I have concerns over a computer making investments decisions for me.   I have seen too many situations where the computer got it wrong.

You should never invest primary funds in this, but rather excess funds.  If you have excess money, and don’t have a desire to fly to Las Vegas then this might be an alternative.  Just remember “Let the buyer be ware.”


If you look at the promotional video you  will see that it lacks professionalism.  Testimonials are from people who have receive payment for their work.

From a review of the opportunity I would say that the legitimacy of this program is questionable.   The reason for this is:

  • Impossible profit estimates. No software can obtain results of 100%
  • The lack of authenticity and authority
  • Claims of instant money.

Product Name Millionaire Blue Print

Owner: Unknown Not mentioned in the Website

Website URL  millionaireblueprint.com

Price:  The software is free, but you have to deposit $250 for investing.

Ranking 10 out of 100

Legitimacy Questionable.



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