A review of Coffee Shop Millionaire

Name: Coffee Shop Millionaire

Website  www.coffeeshopmillionaire.com

Owner: Anthony Trister

Cost: $37 per month plus upsells


Today I thought I would review an affiliate marketing site called Coffee Shop Millionaire.  When  you click on the site you find an exciting video that talks about making a large amount of money in a short time.  The video says that you will get  12 modules which will give you  the information to be an internet marketer.  Unfortunately the modules  are out of date, and not complete.

During the video Mr Trister leads  you to believe that this is pretty much a hands off money making system.  He talks about taking a bunch of trips and working a few hours during the trip.  Meanwhile he says the money pours while is on the trip.

The truth is this is a hands on program that requires hard work which he does mentions  in the video.   It covers email marketing, video marketing, article submission, marketing  the local economy, and outsourcing. It is important to realize that selling to your local community is difficult.  Local businessmen get a large numbers of sales calls. This reduces the  interest they have for a new offering. Out sourcing is also difficult.


  • Low up front cost
  • Mentions the potential with hard work.
  • Lesson can be reviewed as often as wanted to get a good understanding
  • If you are a seasoned sales person you can make some income.


  • Immediate up sells-a $297 module is forced on the client.  There are also more up sells.
  • Additional Expenses
    • Website Creation
    • Domain Acquisition
    • Hosting -The client must buy this right away before they make any money.
  • Training is not up to date for Google changes.
  • There is no dependable community. You will be lucky to get any response.
  • There have been a lot of complaints that go unanswered.

What to Expect

The program is not easy to work.  There is not enough information to learn to sell.    The target markets are difficult for income generaton.  A newbie would find this program difficult.

If you don’t like cold calling or finding leads you won’t enjoy this business.

There are good reviews, but these come from partners who post reviews for each other.  Unsolicited reviews are normally complaints about the lack of response to questions.  The video also says there is a 60 day guarantee, but when you try to collect it there is no response.  This is a Clickbank  product, and people recommend going to them for a refund.

Final Thoughts

If  you are an experienced internet marketer or sales person, and you are looking for a new source of income you might be successful with this program.  Even so income potential is lower then reported estimates.

Newbies should stay away from this product.   The limited out of date training will limit the success of a newbie.  The extra costs before the earning of any money could be expensive.  A newbie may find this out of reach because of the up sells and additional expenses.

Is this a Legitimate

I don’t think this is a scam, but the program is difficult to work.  An experienced marketer may makes some money though not as much as he might think.  It is legitimate, but a program with little chance of success.  My rating would be 50 out of 100.


Name: Coffee Shop Millionaire

Website  www.coffeeshopmillionaire.com

Owner: Anthony Trister

Cost: $37 per month plus upsells

If you have any comments or questions please email  support@creatingadditonalincome.com

Best Regards

Dick H


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