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So you are thinking of becoming an Affiliate Marketer.  As a follower of  Wealthy Affiliate  I thought I would give you an outline of a typical day in my life.  Starting with the beginning of my day and going through my typical activities. You will see that I go through the day doing what I want not what my boss or my company whats. Freedom, Freedom Freedom.  Stress Free Stress Free, Stress Free.


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The day starts

I bet that you wake up to a raucous noisy alarm that jolts out of a peaceful sleep. You open your eyes, and are immediately in a grouchy mood.  You think, shoot its all ready morning and I have to go to work. You get dressed, grab a cup of coffee,  hurried breakfast,  and hit rush hour traffic.  I don’t wake up that way.

My day starts with me waking up when my body tells me to get up.  With out rushing I get out of bed and if I want to I get dressed.

Coffee, Coffee Coffee

After getting dressed, or not, I  go to my den.  I turn on the weather, news, or any program on my DVR that I missed the night before.  There I drink my coffee eat my breakfast and get ready of my day.

Yes I still need my coffee.  Some things never change.

Getting on with my day

After I eat breakfast:

  • I may go to the gym, or not, (If exercise is so good for you why is it not fun)
  • Go for a ride in the mountains in my sports car to look at the scenery or play race car driver on the curves.
  • Most days I go into my office, fire up my computer and work on Wealthy Affiliate.

 My efforts on Wealthy Affiliate include:

  • Looking at my website statistics to see what is happening on my website
  • Seeing if I received any comments or questions. If so I respond to them.
  • Researching or preparing a new post or page.
  • Do some maintenance on my site.
  • Correspond with friends on the Wealthy Affiliate community

Depending on what I am doing it may take two hours or longer.  The thing is what ever I do on my Affiliate Marketing business is up to me. How long I stay at it or whether I even do any for my business that day is up to me.   I am not subject to the whims of my boss or the company I work for. Its up to me and how I want to run my Business.

The rest of the day



The rest of the day I do what I want.  Hang out with my grand kids, play a round of golf, run errands or do chores around the house.  It is all up to me.

Am I Stressed?

Oh no not in the least.  I am doing what I wantI am satisfying my desires and just enjoying life.

Would you like a day like mine?

Do you want to earn extra income at home and have a stress free day doing what you want.  Then I would recommend starting your own Wealthy Affiliate business.  After that you can start the journey to living free and doing what you or your family wants. Don’t get me wrong.  Building a Wealthy Affiliate business takes hard work, perseverance and dedication.  In the beginning you have to:

  • Find a niche
  • Research a niche
  • Research Keywords
  • Create your website
  • Write your content
  • Work to increase rankings.

Don’t get me wrong.  This doesn’t happen over night.   You have to learn the techniques to properly complete the above items which does take time.  During that time you may have to keep you regular job. The thing is you can earn while you learn.  Once your website grows large enough can quit you job and live your own life.

Do you want a life like me?

If so click the image below and get started with your free membership and move to a life you want.  It won’t happen over night and it will take some perseverance, effort and time but you can have a day like mine

Where you create  your dreams.

Let me know if you have any questions or comments

Best Regards


Where Dreams are created

Where Dreams are created





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2 Responses to A day in the Life of an affiliate marketer

  1. Alex Dias says:

    Hi Dick!
    Great post!
    It seems that you are really living some relaxing days!
    I have already join in to Wealthy Affiliate and I think it is a awesome. The community is amazing and the teaching is great.
    I’m still keeping my regular job, but I’m looking for to quit and live a free life.
    Your day in an inspiration for people like me!

    • Dick says:

      Thank you for your comment. You are very kind. Having your own online business gives you peace of mind and allows you to be with family and friends. I worked over 40 years and in the beginning it was fun. Working in a career job was new and exciting. Later down the road as companies changed the excitement of going to work became less. That is why I have loved being with Wealthy Affiliate and creating my own business. I am very thankful to have this opportunity. I wish you much success in creating your business.

      Again thanks for your comment.

      Dick H

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