A review of Coffee Shop Millionaire

Name: Coffee Shop Millionaire

Website  www.coffeeshopmillionaire.com

Owner: Anthony Trister

Cost: $37 per month plus upsells


Today I thought I would review an affiliate marketing site called Coffee Shop Millionaire.  When  you click on the site you find an exciting video that talks about making a large amount of money in a short time.  The video says that you will get  12 modules which will give you  the information to be an internet marketer.  Unfortunately the modules  are out of date, and not complete.

During the video Mr Trister leads  you to believe that this is pretty much a hands off money making system.  He talks about taking a bunch of trips and working a few hours during the trip.  Meanwhile he says the money pours while is on the trip.

The truth is this is a hands on program that requires hard work which he does mentions  in the video.   It covers email marketing, video marketing, article submission, marketing  the local economy, and outsourcing. It is important to realize that selling to your local community is difficult.  Local businessmen get a large numbers of sales calls. This reduces the  interest they have for a new offering. Out sourcing is also difficult.


  • Low up front cost
  • Mentions the potential with hard work.
  • Lesson can be reviewed as often as wanted to get a good understanding
  • If you are a seasoned sales person you can make some income.


  • Immediate up sells-a $297 module is forced on the client.  There are also more up sells.
  • Additional Expenses
    • Website Creation
    • Domain Acquisition
    • Hosting -The client must buy this right away before they make any money.
  • Training is not up to date for Google changes.
  • There is no dependable community. You will be lucky to get any response.
  • There have been a lot of complaints that go unanswered.

What to Expect

The program is not easy to work.  There is not enough information to learn to sell.    The target markets are difficult for income generaton.  A newbie would find this program difficult.

If you don’t like cold calling or finding leads you won’t enjoy this business.

There are good reviews, but these come from partners who post reviews for each other.  Unsolicited reviews are normally complaints about the lack of response to questions.  The video also says there is a 60 day guarantee, but when you try to collect it there is no response.  This is a Clickbank  product, and people recommend going to them for a refund.

Final Thoughts

If  you are an experienced internet marketer or sales person, and you are looking for a new source of income you might be successful with this program.  Even so income potential is lower then reported estimates.

Newbies should stay away from this product.   The limited out of date training will limit the success of a newbie.  The extra costs before the earning of any money could be expensive.  A newbie may find this out of reach because of the up sells and additional expenses.

Is this a Legitimate

I don’t think this is a scam, but the program is difficult to work.  An experienced marketer may makes some money though not as much as he might think.  It is legitimate, but a program with little chance of success.  My rating would be 50 out of 100.


Name: Coffee Shop Millionaire

Website  www.coffeeshopmillionaire.com

Owner: Anthony Trister

Cost: $37 per month plus upsells

If you have any comments or questions please email  support@creatingadditonalincome.com

Best Regards

Dick H


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A Review of the Wealthy Affiliate Community

Earlier I wrote a review of Wealthy Affiliate which has a 95 rating.  Today I thought I would review one of the strongest parts of Wealthy Affiliate: the WA Community.

Product Name: Wealthy Affiliate

Owners: Kyle and Carson

Website Wealthy Affiliate.com

What is the Wealthy Affiliate Community?  Thea large group that includes members of the Wealthy Affiliate Family.   We follow members, help those that have an issue, and write training and blog posts.

This is special

In my research I have never found a site that has the community like WA.  There may be some out there, but I haven’t found one.   This is unique, and provides help to new member and old who need help.

If you are working from home for the first time you can feel isolated from the world.   Its like  you are on an island alone and  you have to find water, food and shelter by your self. This can be overwhelming. With the Wealthy Affiliate Community.  You can reach out for help or make new friends which help relieve  the isolation feeling.


  1. Helps to conquer the feeling of isolation.
  2. It helps you get through the training and develop a productive website.
  3. You can ask for reviews of your website to get new ideas and refine  your site.
  4. The community provides positive reinforcment to give  you more confidence.  With more confidence you can be more successful.


There aren’t to many cons with the community.

  1. The only way you can communicate is by email. The response can take time and slow you down.
  2. Typing an email can be hard for someone with elephant fingers like me.
  3. On occasion people might not respond to you.


As I said earlier and in my review I rate Wealthy Affiliate a 95 out of 100 and I am confident that it is legitimate.

Product Name: Wealthy Affiliate

Owners:  Kyle and Carson

Website: Wealthy Affiliate.com

Price:  Free for a starter membership $47 a month for a premium member ship.

Ranking:  95 out of 100

Best Regard

Dick H

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Done With Treatment and Into Follow Up

Happy Man

Further On My Treatment

On April 26th I had a another of my favorite tests a pet scan.  I had gone through all six treatments, and had been in remission since my  fourth treatment.  If the pet scan was good I would go into the followup stage.

I suppose your wondering why I dislike pet scans so much.  The technician injects a solution in your arm. Then  you  go in a room for an hour so the solution can circulate through out your body. What a boring hour with nothing to do but watch the clock.   When the hour is up they put you in a machine that looks like a CT scanner, but isn’t.  They have you put your arms above you head which in my case was uncomfortable.  When I put my arms above my head and due to my sore shoulders it hurts. Toward  the end of the scan it took all my will power to not move.

In the last pet scan the technician couldn’t find a vein to inject the solution.  I got stuck twice in the elbow and once in the wrist where he got a vein.  I have had a big ugly purple bruise now for almost two weeks.  I was unhappy to have him dig around in my arm, but I had no choice.   It was necessary to see if I was still in remission.

After the scan I  was scheduled for an appointment on May 3 with the oncologist to get the result of my test  . Thus it was time to  control my thoughts so  I wouldn’t worry too much.  There were three alternatives result from the pet scan:

  1. The pet scan was clear and I was in remission.  That would be a happy result and the one I wanted.
  2. They could find some cancer cells and I would have to go back for Chemo.  This didn’t bother me because I figured we would get all  those pesky cancer cells.
  3. There was a rare situation I could get another form of cancer.  I know someone who is in that situation and he  is terminal.

During the one  week wait I used all my will power to think positive thoughts.   When I had a negative thought I would replace it with a positive thought.  One night I was laying awake and the middle of the night it was the hard to be positive.  I worked at my positive thinking as hard as I ever had, and finally drifted off to sleep.

Finally May 3 arrived and my wife and I went to the doctor.  There was  a little trepidation on my part.   First they took blood which give them blood count, BUN and Creatinine.  We waited to see the doctor until the blood count results available.  The doctor came in and said the Pet Scan was clear and I was still in remission.

The Followup  Stage

Since I was in remission and all the treatments were done I was now in the follow up stage.  This will involve periodic doctor’s visits.  Getting my port cleaned every six weeks which involve putting saline into the port to make sure it is clean.  Yes I get stuck again.  Finally I will have CT Scans on a regular basis to make sure the cancer doesn’t come back (At Least its not a Pet Scan).   At the end of 2017 they will look into removing my port.  To be frank this stage is not going to be too bad.  The interval between tests and doctors visits is good, and I don’t mind getting my port cleaned

Now that I am in the follow up stage I can do what I want with out some cancer related appointment.  It is a real relief to be in remission.

What I learned from this

After 25 years of being an underwriter, and 16 years being a project manager I was alert bad things occurring.  In the case of my illness I couldn’t dwell on something going wrong, but  I need  to think positive thoughts.  This wasn’t easy for a negative thinker like me.  It was important to work hard at thinking positive thoughts.

This type of thinking will transfer to Wealthy Affiliate.  In Wealthy Affiliate we have good days and bad days.  It is important to  accept the good days and forget about the bad days.  In other words positive thinking.   By doing this you can preserver u

Happy Man

ntil you are successful.

All I can say is that I am happy to be well.

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Further on What Happened to Me

October  and November

In late January I wrote a short post that I had not been active because I had become ill.  It turned out to be a rather serious illness which I am still dealing with.  Discussing my illness I feel can help people to improve  their mental status in developing their business.

In early October I became sicker then I have ever been in my life.  The day before I had my annual flu shot and I thought that maybe it was a side affect of that. It felt like I had a one ton weight on top of me.  I had no energy, and no appetite. For a week I laid around and ate nothing before finally going  to the doctor.

His opinion was that I had a sinus infection and gave me a strong cough medicine and an antibiotic.  After the visit I went home thinking that in a short time I would be feeling better.  I WAS WRONG.  For the ten days I  took the antibiotic  and didn’t get better.  My appetite was non existent, and I continued to  feel horrible.  Once again I went back to the doctor, and I  got a stronger antibiotic. I went home with  renewed hope that I would get better, but was wrong again. Still I felt horrible, with no strength, no ambition, and no appetite   Boy was I discouraged.   It was plain that my doctors efforts weren’t working and I didn’t know what to do.  It was a low point.  I had never been so sick, and I was losing weight rapidly

In late November I was going down the stairs from my bedroom and towards the bottom I fell and hit the floor hard.  I tried to get up, but I was so weak I couldn’t do it.   I was laying on my back and couldn’t even role over to help me get up.    My wife was trying to give me directions and they didn’t help.  Laying there it was a helpless feeling because I couldn’t get off my back.   Finally we called 911 and three burly firemen came and lifted me up. Once up I could stand, but after that I slept downstairs.  One night I was trying to get from the downstairs bed to a chair and I fell again and couldn’t get up.  For the rest of the night I laid between the chair and a table unable to do anything to help myself until my wife got up.  That was scary.  I was helpless.l  I could take care of myself

The following Saturday I was in our den and once more I fell, and couldn’t get up.   Again we called 911, and the ambulance came.  This time my wife said take him to the hospital.  The firemen loaded me on a gurney put me in the ambulance, and took me to the hospital.

I don’t have a lot of recollection of my time in the emergency room. My wife told me that one of the doctors said I was a pretty sick man.  My kidneys weren’t  working, I had pneumonia and after a CT scan the doctors said I had two enlarged lymph nods.  They admitted me to  the hospital where I stated for a week.

The Hospital

From 12/3 to 12/6 I was in the hospital while they tried to figure out what was wrong with me.   My kidneys  weren’t working right, and  I had to ask permission to go to the bathroom.  One night I spent the whole  night laying in bed coughing.  To say the least I was having to work to keep a positive frame of mind.  I wasn’t scared just very weary, and getting more and more discouraged.  The other thing is that it was extremely degrading.

On 12/6 the doctor came in and said that I had lymphoma.  There were three options:

  •  one I would get well with  out problem
  •  two they could give me 12 years of remission
  • three there was a treatment but a poor outlook.

He said I could go home, after I had a bone marrow biopsy and an echocardigram.

The Week of Worry`

After the two tests I went home.  I couldn’t wait to sleep in my own bed, and be in my own home.  Even so for the next week I had to wait for the results of my bone marrow biopsy to see which type of Lymphoma I had.  It was  a pretty difficult week trying to have a positive frame of mind.  Thought of, “what if I have the bad kind of Lymphoma.” ” What will my wife do if I’m gone.”  “How are we going to pay for this.”  I talked to my pastor and worked hard to keep these bad thoughts out of my head.  It wasn’t easy, but I had success in controlling my thoughts.

The Appointment the Oncologist

Finally the day of the oncologist appointment came and my wife drove me to his office.  (With my dizziness I couldn’t drive.)   The first thing the doctor said was, “death is off the table.”  It was like my favorite team just won the Super Bowl.  I was free of the weight of a boulder on my shoulders.

After that we discussed the treatment for my cancer.   Six chemo treatments  that would occur every three weeks.  He said I would feel sick the day after the treatment but would feel OK after that.   I would lose my hair after the fourth treatment.  After the six treatment I would have a test to verify the cancer was gone.  If not more treatments.

You don’t just go and start Chemo Therapy.   You have to go through various tests to see if you are able to handle the treatments.   I had a baseline PET scan so they had something to base my improvement.  Also I had to have a surgeon put in a port.  A surgeon makes two incisions in your chest and inserts an appliance.   The appliance is where  the medicine  goes in during infusion.

The surgeon and I talked about a malignant blood vessel tumor I had when I  was a teenager.  He asked if I had radiation and I said no it was 1961 when I had it.   His comment, “your lucky you are alive.”  Whoa that was like a punch in the nose.  In the 56 years since removal I never had any thought that it could had killed me.  Once again I had to work on my mind set to calm down after that bit of information.


I have had four treatments so far and feel good.  The hardest part is  keeping your mind positive.  I have had more needle sticks to draw blood that I am afraid that if I drink something I’ll leak like a fountain.  On 3/1 I  have another PET scan to see how I am doing, and meet with the the doctor on 3/3 to get the results.  I am optimistic because I do feel good.  MY blood count is up so I can go out without a mask, and I am able to do almost anything.

My biggest issue now is my diet.  With my kidney issues I have to have a special diet.  There are more things you can’t eat then you can.   It is not  good but you have to live with it. Not being able to eat your favorite foods it is difficult to look forward to meals.  It was a downer, but I had to keep my thoughts positive.  When I am cured the kidney situation should go  away.



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Commission Cartel

Name: Commission Cartel

Webite: Commissioncartel.com

Owner Michael Cheney

Ranking 50 out of 100

Price: $16.95 plus add ons

All over the internet we see advertisements for making money with little or no effort.   Most of these are scams whiich will not produce any income.  They’re  on the internet to take your money.  This is why I am doing a review on the Commission Cartel.

What Commission Cartel is About

The Commission Cartel is another example of a money making system which was set up by Michael Cheney.  According to Cheney newbies make five mistakes which cause them to fail.

  • Don’t know how to use tactics.
  • Don’t put the tactics in place
  • Don’t work hard and realize they they have to  spend a lot of money to become a super marketer.

Mr Cheney says that you only need to follow three rules

  • The marketer needs to be patient.
  • Persistence the is key for the marketer to be successful
  • There are expenses ( of course) to make money.  You need to learn techniques and to use them.

Who is Michael Cheney

  • His claim is that he is in business to help people to make money.
  • He has developed a system to create commission allowing people to earn great money.
  • The name of the system is the Commission Cartel.

Plan Description

The website  claims that if you use the secrets he has discovered you can make money.   Cheney claims he went  to a secret meeting  of high level internet  marketers. During this meeting the internet marketers  gave him all the secrets to market on the internet.  In fact he says you can make $500 in the first month using his plan.

How is works.

  1. Choose a product you want to market.
  2. Create a list of prospective buyers.
  3. Put them in a sales funnel to make purchases.

Pro’s per Michael Cheny

  1. You can make money even if you have no experience.  Thus it is great for newbies.
  2. You don’t need a website.
  3. You create a list and get you commissions from that.


  1. You need to choose a product. How do you do that?  If you are a newbie do you have the background to choose a product to market?  Deciding on a product takes knowledge and experience.  What training does Commission Cartel provide?  Does the program provide the in depth knowledge you need?
  2. Next you need a list of prospective buyers.  Where do you develop such a list. Are  you going to  use your friends, work associates, and acquaintances?  How  do the people on the list learn of the product?  Sales calls?  How are these people going to feel when they receive a sales call?
  3. Once you have a list you put them in a sales funnel.  The purpose of a sales funnel is  to put prospects in the top and move them down to the bottom to get a sale.  Generally companies have procedures for the sales funnel to operate.   Will a newbie know how to do that?  Does Commission Cartel teach a newbie how to develop a sales funnel?
  4. Add on’s-Yes Commission Cartel has add on’s.-

The basic price is $16.95.  It is includes classes, videos, audios, blueprints, and an insider library.  You should remember that there is no free trial.  If you find it is not for you just have to suck it up.

  1. God Father Package  Cost $27.00 This add on provides Commission Creating Campaigns.   It includes Promotional Materials. Discount Coupons and Special VIP access.
  2. Secret Weapon Package Cost $47.00 and includes money making promo templates.  Also it includes instructions to turn emails in to money making programs.


  1. There have been a great many complaints.
  2. No refunds
  3. No website or email lists
  4. How do you build a list.
  5. No existent secret weapon
  6. If you have issues who do you call.  It says you email the site creator, but you get slow responses.

Further Concerns

Making $500 in a month for $16.95.  That someone would share how to do it doesn’t make sense.  They would keep the secrets for themselves.

Is Commission Cartel Legitimate?

  1. If the innovative directions were more specific it may be worthwhile.  This is especially with the low cost.
  2. There seems to be more questions than answers
  3. Slow responses to questions

I would not recommend it.

My recommendation would be to try Wealthy Affiliate which is a proven system to teach you how to make money as an affiliate marketer.   It has plenty of training to teach you to choose a product and  build a website to market your product.   Also there is a large community available to help you get started and make money.   With Wealthy Affiliate you aren’t alone, but have all the help you need to be a success.

One of the advantages of Wealthy Affiliate you can try it out for free before you  have to join.   What could be better.   If you want to be an affiliate marketer then my recommendation would be to try Wealthy Affiliate.

Name: Commission Cartel

Website: commisioncartel.com

Owner: Michael Cheney

Ranking: 50 of 100

A final word.  Commission Cartel certainly has an interesting approach to make  money.  If all the training were as good as  he says it is I would think this was pretty good. Unfortunately the training doesn’t provide depth.   A newbie (which he said this was for) is going to end up with a lot of questions and not much money.  The help desk is slow to respond and there are a lot of complaints.


Overall I would say the legitimacy of this site is questionable.

  1. There are a lot of cons that are not addressed by the owners.
  2. Limited training.
  3. There is no community to offer support.
  4. To get the complete package you have to buy several add on’s


Dick H






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What Happened to Me

I suppose that some of you are wondering why I haven’t been posting for four months.  In early October I incurred a serious medical condition which didn’t allow me to work on WA.

While I am still receiving treatment, I am now strong enough to renew posting on my website.

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A Review of the Millionaire Blue Print

Product Name:  Millionaire Blue Print

Owner: Unknown. Never Given in the Webpage

Website URL: millionaire blue print.com

Price The software is free plus $250 for investing

Ranking 10 out of a Hundred



What is Millionaire Blueprint

Millionaire Blueprint is a software app that examines market factors for binary options.  The purpose of the software is to give the client information, so they will make money.

What is a Binary Option

At this point your  are asking what is a Binary Option or (BOT).  It is a little heard of investment which compares two assets. The investor decides how these to assets will react to each other. Based on what the investor thinks he will set up his (BOT) in  accordance with his opinion.

Let me give  you an example.

The investor has information that the wheat market is strong and corn is weak to corn.  He invests in a BOT that Wheat will be $100 a bushel more than corn within a set time frame.   If that happens the investor wins on his investment.   Should wheat only go up $99 the investor looses his entire investment in that BOT.

How does Millionaire Blueprint Work

Millionaire Blueprint has developed a software program for BOTs.   With this program the claim you can make profitable BOT Investments. If you sign up for the free software, configure it and deposit the $250.  you are set to start investing.  Base on how you configure it the software it will invest in the types of BOT’s you have chosen.  If the BOT is successful you get the money in your brokerage account.  After  several successful transactions you can withdraw  your money.

Getting Started

It is necessary to load the software.  To do this you go to a site and down load the application.  Once down loaded it you need  to configure the software to tell it what type of investments you want to make.  Further you have to choose a broker that Millionaire Blueprint has chosen and deposit  the seed  money.

Now you are ready for to begin trading.  The software analyzes opportunities and executes the trades.  It will continue to make trades as long as you have money in your account or your credit card.


  • The software is free. The initial investment of $250 is for investing.
  • The proceeds from successful transactions goes into your brokerage account.
  • You receive training videos and an ebook.
  • The company provides 24/7 technical support.
  • You don’t need expertise in BOTS per the website


  • You have to invest $250 to start.
  • The  software makes automatic Trades.  They happen without your input once your configure the software.
  • You can only use brokers recommended by Millionaire Blueprint.
  • Browser Pop ups occur
  • Fake Testimonials by paid actors
  • Profit predictions are impossible.
  • No  evidence of authenticity or authority
  • The advertisements say that the software provides 100% results.
  • Claims of making larges sums of money in little time.

A Cautionary  word

There are many investment vehicles in the financial market today which are quite sophisticated. BOT’s are one of these.  If you are going to invest in these you need experience in this type of investment.  There are a large number of factors involved to be successful.

In my humble opinion the Millionaire Blueprint is close to gambling. You either win or loose you entire investment.

May be I am too old but I have concerns over a computer making investments decisions for me.   I have seen too many situations where the computer got it wrong.

You should never invest primary funds in this, but rather excess funds.  If you have excess money, and don’t have a desire to fly to Las Vegas then this might be an alternative.  Just remember “Let the buyer be ware.”


If you look at the promotional video you  will see that it lacks professionalism.  Testimonials are from people who have receive payment for their work.

From a review of the opportunity I would say that the legitimacy of this program is questionable.   The reason for this is:

  • Impossible profit estimates. No software can obtain results of 100%
  • The lack of authenticity and authority
  • Claims of instant money.

Product Name Millionaire Blue Print

Owner: Unknown Not mentioned in the Website

Website URL  millionaireblueprint.com

Price:  The software is free, but you have to deposit $250 for investing.

Ranking 10 out of 100

Legitimacy Questionable.



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The Art of Working At Home

At Work

At Work

The Art of Working From Home

Today I want to continue in my series about working at home as an Affiliate Marketer.  In my last post I said I was an affiliate marketer with Wealthy Affiliate.  To work at home you need techniques to be successful.   We will discuss the following techniques that lead to productivity:

·         Organization

·         Planning

·         Discipline

·         Dealing with silence.

·         What it takes to be successful.

In my last post I discussed my day as a Wealthy Affiliate marketer talking about the freedom I have in running my day.

·         No Boss telling me What to do

·         No Company requiring my time and efforts for a salary

·         Spending the amount of time I wanted on my affiliate marketing business.

It is great, but it didn’t just happen overnight.  So let’s get started:.


If you want to be productive working at home you first have to organize yourself.  Just sitting down somewhere and starting to work ain’t going to cut it.

Work SpaceThe first thing you are going to need to do is set up a dedicated work space.  You want a place that is permanent and private.  It does not have to be fancy; a card table in the bedroom would do.

Quiet-Your work-space needs to be quiet. You need to concentrate on the lessons or working on you website without interruption.

Lack of Interruptions-Your family needs to realize that you are working. They should not disturb you.  When interrupted you loose your train of thought which slows down productivity.  If you have kids they may need your attention.  You must work out a plan for your  kids to leave you alone

If it is not possible for you  be  alone to work, find a place or time when your family is busy or out of the house to work.   Maybe you wait until the kids go to bed.  If you have a one go to the basement, sewing room or workshop.

Once your workspace is set up  you are ready with step 2


In my article on “How to Make Additional Income from Home” I discuss making a plan for your business.  In this article I am talking about a different form of planning.  The first planning session was Strategic Planning and this is more tactical planning.  How you’re going to get the job done.

Making a weekly and a daily plan is critical for you to achieve the productivity to reach the success you want.

1.      On Sunday I would recommend spending a quiet hour.

  • Look at what you accomplished the week before.
  • Determine what went well and what you could in prove on.
  • Also I would think about what tasks you want to complete in the week ahead. Then you can create your weekly plan
  • This should be a relaxed contemplative time.

2.      Every day at the time you choose you should spend 15 minutes planning the day.  This could include your work day, your family obligations and Wealthy Affiliate.  Work out when and how you are going to complete the tasks for WA.

3.      Stick to your plan.

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A day in the Life of an affiliate marketer



So you are thinking of becoming an Affiliate Marketer.  As a follower of  Wealthy Affiliate  I thought I would give you an outline of a typical day in my life.  Starting with the beginning of my day and going through my typical activities. You will see that I go through the day doing what I want not what my boss or my company whats. Freedom, Freedom Freedom.  Stress Free Stress Free, Stress Free.


happy-1249325_640 (1)

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Guide to Affiliate Marketing For Beginners

My business

My business

You are planning on trying affiliate marketing, but you are unsure of what you need.  Today I am going to provide a guide to affiliate marketing for beginners.  We will outline:

  • the advantages of affiliate marketing
  •  a definition of affiliate marketing
  • What is a niche
  • What  you need, to market your niche successfully
  • Ways to get the knowledge you need to be successful.

Advantages of Being an Affiliate Marketer

  • You can make  extra income
  • Once your business grows you can give up your job.
  • The start up costs are minimal in relation to other business startup’s

What is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate Marketing is an online business where people market products for other companies.  Generally an Affiliate Marketer creates a blog or a website that represent a product.  The affiliate marketer receives a commission for sales from his website.

To begin with you need a niche.  This is a product or type of product that you will represent.  It is important to represent a product that you are  passionate about. Continue reading

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